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    • Caballero Aguila Street Painting
      Street painting photos of 'Caballero Aguila' at Festival Bella Via 08 in Monterrey, Mexico. The street painting was created by the team of Cuong Nguyen, Anthony Cappetto, and Marina Escamilla, as a tribute to Mexican artist Jesus Helguera, who created the original art in 1956.
    • Festival Bella Via 08: Competition Photos
      Photos of beautiful street paintings from Festival Bella Via in Monterrey, Mexico - October 2008.
    • Artisphere International Arts Festival 2008 Photo Album
      3-D street painting 'Koi Pond' from Rod Tryon and traditional 2D reproduction of 'Mount Parnassus' by street painting artist Hani Shihada. The street paintings were created for the Artisphere International Arts festival in Greeenville, South Carolina from April 18th through April 20th , 2008.



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    • Art Knowledge News
      An online news magazine bringing unbiased information and news about art, the art world, museums, artists, exhibitions, articles reprinted from renowned art publications, art resources, features, photos, commentary, and a vast array of art information found nowhere else in one source.
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